Letter to the editor: We need new blood and someone who will stand strong


In a recent issue of The Reflector, Richard Hauser disagreed with my letter from a previous edition in my support of Joe Kent for Congress. While he did give examples of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s legislative record, one piece of legislation that he neglected to mention was “The Green New Deal,” which is the core of Biden’s Build Back Better plan. So obviously, AOC does have someone’s ear at the highest level of government. We all know how destructive this piece of legislation will be to the American people. Once again, the Democrats create an impossible wish list for all things Democrat, with no regard for the average person. What is even worse is the Democrats don’t even allow members of Congress to read the bill before they vote on it.

Mr. Hauser stressed that Jaime Herrera Beutler has gotten some things done but there is much to be done. While Mr. Hauser could rattle off several attempts by AOC to pass legislation, he did not specify any of Ms. Herrera Beulter’s accomplishments. I do recall her voting against the border wall, she voted to impeach President Trump and she kept very silent while Seattle and Portland burned to the ground during the riots. She has had her time to make a difference and stand up for the people of Southwest Washington. She leans toward the left and has voted that way over the years. She began her tenure in 2010, and 11 years later, she is still not looking for answers to help the people of Southwest Washington. We need new blood and someone who will stand strong against Nancy Pelosi.

Joe Kent may not be a career politician but he will bring to Congress real life experiences. He served our country as a young man in the Army and finished his career as a Green Beret. He became a Gold Star husband after losing his wife to the war in Syria. Education is very important to him as he has two small children. He believes critical race theory should not be taught in schools. Vaccine and mask mandates should not be imposed on the American people. He believes in our first and second amendment rights, responsible logging and lawful immigration just to name a few. 

I do believe if Joe Kent is elected, he will better support the people he serves. I would suggest people educate themselves to understand the differences between the candidates and vote for the best candidate possible. That’s why I am voting for Joe Kent.

Helene Sulitzer,



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