Letter to the editor: Trump doesn’t care about you or me


In response to Barbara Curry’s Sept. 20 letter “You caused us to lose our country,” I’ll explain why I, as well as a majority of Americans, voted for Joe Biden. We voted for an honest man of integrity. A man who has served the public his entire life. A man with compassion who truly cares about humanity. A man with a soul. Who doesn’t care if we see his tax returns. We voted for the opposite of his predecessor.

We voted for the guy that can restore respect to the country. We were tired of the lying liar that cheated on his wives with porn stars and underage girls. We were tired of paying taxes to help enrich the fortunes of a narcissistic family. We were tired of his bombastic attacks on decent government officials.

We were exhausted from the COVID pandemic that he could have helped prevent the rampant spread of, had he not claimed it was a hoax and suggested people disinfect themselves by drinking bleach, and telling people not to wear masks. He is responsible for the 600,000 deaths from this deadly virus and for the continuing misinformation cult that exists, prolonging the pandemic and holding his believers hostage to lies and conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump stirred up racists and white supremacists like we haven’t seen since the 1960s. I know they were always there, but he sanctioned it and they came out of the trees like ticks on a dog.

Trump doesn’t care about you or me, or anyone but Donald. He’d throw his own kids under the bus to save his butt.

Jane Sturm, Battle Ground


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