Letter to the editor: Trailer park will bring drugs, bums and crime


Woodland is on the cusp of getting approval for an 86 lot, non-compatible use transient trailer park to be placed directly in Woodland’s C-2 business district on Belmont Loop. The developer needs a “conditional use permit” issued by the city for this. I, and most other business owners on Belmont Loop, are aghast. Imagine a 170-person transient trailer park nestled in Belmont Loop, all directly adjacent to a child care center. The wording in the shoestring developer’s CC&Rs virtually allows for any condition and age of vehicle. Any trailers and RVs that are turned away will be filling our streets and vacant lots throughout Woodland. This trailer park will in no doubt bring drugs, bums and crime. One only needs to look at Delta Park to see that the face of our Woodland will change forever. There are no natural amenities within the Belmont Loop Business Park. No lake, no river, just a 3-acre lot at Woodland’s exit 22 for trailers and RVs to park for three months at a time. What the area does have are I-5 onramps from which quasi-homeless can beg for money. There will be virtually no real estate tax revenue as there will be only one single 850-square-foot building. There will be virtually no jobs created in exchange for the 3 acres of commercial land used. We have a 50-50 chance to stop this. The Woodland City Council and mayor can uphold our appeal and prevent Woodland from being known as “Trailerville – Sandwiched between beautiful Ridgefield and stunning Kalama.” We need to bring two successful arguments:

No. 1: Evidence of increased crime in RV/trailer parks.

No. 2: Demonstrate that this is a non-compatible use for any business park.

We can yet prevent another Delta Park. Please immediately reach out to the Woodland City Council with your input.


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