Letter to the editor: This community demands transparency


Dear Battle Ground school board members, I find it egregious that you would choose to take a school board meeting into a private session based on someone not wearing a mask in the audience.

You, Mr. Watrin, are the only one who chose to disrupt the meeting. This community demands transparency, and choosing to hide based on unscientific rules from the state instead of dealing with the very real issues that community members came together to discuss tonight is a gross misuse of power.

Mr. McCoy, I have attended meetings this school year where you chose to keep your mask under your chin. Your sudden concern for mask-wearing in the audience seems more related to a wish to hide your voting on a contentious topic from public view. This is not the kind of leadership Battle Ground needs in their schools or in their community.

I hope you all will apologize publicly to the community you discarded at the meeting— people who peacefully assembled to be a part of the civic process and those who were attending online.

Jo Porter, Battle Ground


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