Letter to the editor: The city needs to reconsider development


We received the notice of a huge development going in behind and to the north of us (from North Parkway Avenue) with access from now dead-end streets ninth, 10th and 12th, thus adding even more congestion to a road that is already congested several times during the day and evening. Frequently, we are unable to even get out of our driveway. This doesn’t include the constant speeding on the 25 mph avenue. There are two access roads to 503 and they are Onsdorf and 239th. This means that at least some of the 400-plus homes in the new development will be accessing Parkway Avenue. There are currently two other developments that will add several hundred more homes to the North Parkway area.

We are extremely concerned that a project of this magnitude will be hazardous to those of us living on Parkway. There are numerous driveways trying to access the roadway in the mornings, afternoons and early evenings. The traffic in and around Battle Ground is already a nightmare and adding 400-plus homes will only exacerbate the problems already in existence. What, if anything, is being done to improve access into and out of Battle Ground? It seems you are adding more bottlenecks. Why isn’t there more concern over the traffic issues created by constant development?

Traffic is awful. Anyone that dares go west on Main Street knows you can’t possibly get anywhere at certain times of the day. Why aren’t the concerns of those of us that already live here and our quality of life make a difference to city planners? It seems that those in control of Battle Ground planning and development don’t give any credence to those already bearing the brunt of constant expansion. Our taxes are up, we pay more and more for water, storm water drainage, and sewer not to mention fire and police, and schools.

The city needs to reconsider development at any cost to residents. We already pay too much for development. Please give us some relief.

Toni Fulkerson, Battle Ground


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