Letter to the editor: Stop the COVID-related mandates


I have lived and worked in Clark County for 43-plus years, have kids in school, and have a construction business with around 20 employees. These last few years have been bad.

Since the COVID-19 mandates, I’ve had over $100,000 worth of lost income because of the mandates and also paying extra for private school. We are looking to move out of the county and/or the state.

These COVID mandates are 99% politically motivated. Masks and vaccines are unproven, not effective and cause harm. Masking kids is child abuse. They can’t talk, breathe, hear each other and they disrupt education. There is no emergency COVID risk to kids and healthy people. Many doctors agree that masks and vaccines are harmful, unnecessary, no emergency need.

Please allow personal medical choice and responsibility. People have the right to choose. If the Clark County Council suggests mandating masks, vaccines, etc. for people and there are future bad effects, the council could be liable.

The council should publicize facts only for our area, such as the COVID death rate is less than .001%. The council should remind people that they are ultimately personally responsible for their own health and to follow their doctor’s advice on COVID.

Please enact an ordinance prohibiting all COVID-related mandates, so we can all get back to work and live a normal life. The mandates have gone on too long and it’s not getting any better.

ClarkCountygroup.com just recently sent a petition to the Clark County Council to “stop the mandates” with over 11,000 signatures, so please push for ending the mandates locally and statewide.

Phil Hogan,

Battle Ground


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