Letter to the Editor: Reform government by establishing stricter term limits



Look at what is going on in America today. All I see is corruption in all levels of society. There doesn’t seem to be a foundation on which we can establish our society. Without that foundation, we can no longer determine right or wrong, so each one of us determines what is right or wrong in our own mind. We become judges who establish our lifestyle.

We have corruption in all levels: the media, the educational system, the medical system, religious entities including non-governmental organizations, the business sector and the entertainment field. To limit corruption we must begin at the top, which is government. Today, we have career corruption, so we must limit government. That means term limits starting with the executive branch. Now, we have the president and vice president with term limits of two terms of four years, and they are done. Limit that to one term of six years and done. In the legislative branch, our senators have six-year terms that are limitless. Reduce that to two terms of four years and done.

Representatives have two-year terms indefinitely. Increase those terms of service to four years with two terms and then done. In the judicial branch we have judges for life in the federal court system. Limit that to eight years and then done; this applies to the federal court system only. Judges are appointed by the president and still confirmed by Congress.

Eliminate the electoral college procedure and replace it with the county vote. For instance, let’s say we have 5,000 counties in the U.S. Whoever wins 2,051, wins the election. The total number of votes cast nationwide will not determine the outcome of an election; only county votes will determine the outcome. Will this stop corruption? No, but it can slow it down. Something to think about.

Carl Clark

La Center