Letter to the editor: Rally together great families, voters in Battle Ground to pass levy


Do you want to be famous? Impact people? Improve your community? You have an optimum opportunity coming up Nov. 2.

I have been privileged to teach music to thousands of students here over the years at Maple Grove Primary and Tukes Valley Primary schools. It is always a joy to run into them at the grocery store, coffee shop or at school events. Children need a nurturing place to learn, help if they are struggling, an outlet to be creative and a safe and healthy place to grow.

Levy funds help pay for those costs not included in the money the state sends. As a music teacher, my most joyous times have been seeing a stage full of young people singing their hearts out. A full house of parents with cameras ready for the big smile to hold onto the memory. Celebrations of hope and fun, connections with every child in circle and partner games. Learning and opening doors of discovery and joy. I shout out to all my former students, their children and parents to give a yes vote to music, to nurses, to sharing creativity.

Let’s bring this vote to way above the needed percentage. Do you want to make our community a better place? Stand strong with our wonderful families, hard working parents and those who work each day in our schools. Each adult I have ever worked with has the intention to lift up young people, give them support, encouragement and demonstrate their faith in them. To help when things go wrong. Let’s rally together great families and voters in Battle Ground to pass this levy. Bring your voice of hope and kindness to touch each person who walks into their neighborhood school with the knowledge that their community is behind them and is in their fan club.

Julie Ash, Brush Prairie


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