Letter to the editor: Produce results first, then ask me to fund more facilities


The Ridgefield School District’s test scores are a sad state of affairs based on 2021 OSPI data. Only 62% of students met state standards in English and science and a dismal 40% met the standard for math. That’s not a typo: 60% of students not meeting math standards is a catastrophe and borders on criminal.

I’m tired of hearing excuses and fancy marketing slogans of “Ridgefield Strong” and “Pursuing Premier” because the test scores paint a very different picture. Produce results first, then come and ask me to fund more facilities. Until the district fixes its severe academic shortcomings the focus should be solely on providing students with a proper education. 

Don’t tell me more classrooms will fix test scores. In the real world you do the work, then one gets paid. Did you know some employees in the district make in excess of $100,000 a year? It’s obvious that continuing to throw more money at the problem is not the answer and is financially irresponsible. The graduation rate has also dropped to 87% and only 75% of ninth graders are passing all their classes. This data should be alarming to everyone. 

The district needs to get back to reading, writing and math. It can start by putting an end to all the CRT and social-emotional learning, and get back to the basics. Our kids and families deserve far better. I can’t in good conscience shell out more of my hard-earned money for additional schools when the district is producing sub-par results in the classroom. 

The district needs to get its house in order. The district professes to be anti-bullying, yet it proceeds to threaten voters with “severe consequences” if the bond does not pass. Don’t use scare tactics and fear in an attempt to coerce voters. The real fear should be the gross underachievement in the classroom. Can we please get back to educating kids? That should be the one and only focus. RSD needs to fix the real problem before they ask taxpayers for more money.

Scott Gullickson, 



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  • BigSunChamp

    If these numbers are true they are indeed shocking, however any measurable from the 20-21 school year is certainly skewed by the global pandemic. Indicators point to the last school board president setting the district up to fail—both academically and financially. I don’t know his name, but the word on the street is that he was forced to resign under mysterious cir***stances. Maybe “The Reflector” should dig into that story!

    Although I agree that academic standards are falling—to the detriment of our children and the community at large—anyone who discounts something as crucial as socio-emotional learning clearly knows nothing about education. Sadly you've undercut what could be a valid parts of your argument by leaning on the new favorite boogeyman of the ignorant: Critical Race Theory. I'll bet a dollar (US) that you don't know what it is, or point (correctly) to any way CRT is showing up in RSD classrooms. (Hint: it doesn't. You've been fooled).

    Saturday, April 23, 2022 Report this

  • JUhacz89

    Is this the same Scott? Why the change of heart?


    Tuesday, April 26, 2022 Report this