Letter to the editor: Please vote yes on charter amendment three


North Clark County voters, you will see on your ballot several proposed amendments to the Clark County Home Rule Charter. Please take time to research and vote on all of these measures. The charter sets the structure and citizen rights for Clark County residents and is considered our local constitution.

One of the amendments, number 3, Clark County Council districts, is especially critical. It would create a fifth councilor district which would be North Clark County. Currently, there are five elected councilors (and would continue to be if this measure passes.) There are 15 elected charter review commissioners. A total of 20 people elected to represent constituents and not a single one lives north of 179th Street.

Think about it. Half of the county’s geography and 20% of its population are represented by people who don’t even live in North County. Approving charter amendment three would guarantee North Clark County would be represented by one councilor and three charter review commissioners who live in the community, not half a county away.

Please vote yes on charter amendment three. And please don’t overlook voting on the other charter amendments. Your vote is important.

Chuck Green, Ridgefield


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