Letter to the editor: Lenten Reflection


I am deaf, and I am blind, but not of the physical kind.

Heal me Lord, this Lenten season, because a loving God is the reason. 

We walk in prayer as a child of God. He loves us, though we are flawed. 

By a tether, I’m tied to Him, I break that bond when I sin. 

He weeps and mourns at my loss, confessing my sin will be the cost.

Precious Jesus, I read your word, is that your voice that I just heard?

Speak to me this very night, to sing your praises is my delight.

Praying and singing with awesome joy, fasting and almsgiving I will employ.

May this season of Holy Lent, prepare me for Easter, that’s my intent.

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of life. It is your presence that removes the strife.

Thank you, Jesus, and thank you God, with you in my life, I’m gloriously awed. 

Sharon Redd, 



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