Letter to the editor: Kreidler doesn’t care


Are you a senior citizen or working family that has noticed giant rate increases in your homeowners and auto insurance? This increase can be associated with only one person, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler. He has deemed it unfair for people with good credit reports to get insurance discounts opposed to those with poor credit. He got rates increased to responsible people so people with poor credit can get their insurance premiums lowered. This bill had already been rejected by the Washington Legislature. Our insurance commissioner took it upon himself to file an emergency order. A Thurston County judge rejected Mr. Kreidler’s order. He now is in the process of perhaps filing an appeal. This man is determined and feels no passion for the retired or low income in his quest to carry out his own agenda. If you object to his actions, it’s imperative to file a complaint with the Office of Insurance Commission as soon as possible to help him understand the damages being done to low income seniors and others trying to do the right thing by maintaining good credit. Currently, Kreidler doesn’t care.

Don Howard / Camas 


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