Letter to the editor: Joe Kent sure won’t be getting my vote


Steve Bannon, on his Jan. 5 podcast, said, “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow” after speaking with President Donald Trump that morning.

Joe Kent said, “The Jan. 6 Committee is a sham that intends to tarnish the reputation of patriotic Americans and is spreading a lie that Steve Bannon is in some way responsible for the insurrection at the capitol.”

The capitol was last attacked in the War of 1812 by the British. One would think that the “patriot” Bannon would try to stop the attack instead of encouraging it. The capital assault is an attack on all of us. Somehow the term “patriot” doesn’t quite seem appropriate. 

Perhaps the term sedition better applies to the actions of Steve Bannon and Joe Kent regarding justification for the capitol insurrection.

Joe Kent sure won’t be getting my vote.

Don Howard,