Letter to the editor: It can’t cost that much to fill a few of the potholes


Has anyone been to Horseshoe Lake Park lately? My wife and I stop there every day to watch the ducks, fishermen, and my wife walks around the lawn a couple of times as well. We love watching the kids at the skate park as well. Many people will park and just sit and eat their lunches, or just sit and relax watching the lake and people walking their dogs. I do have a huge complaint to our Woodland Public Works Park Department, though. Why are there so many potholes that never seem to get fixed? They should issue a warning sign to all Volkswagen owners to beware, because if they happen to drive over one of these potholes we may never see them again. To the mayor and city council, shame on you. This is one of the best parks around this area. It can’t cost that much to fill a few of the potholes next to the skate park area parking lot. I’m sure the citizens expect more for their tax dollars than the city officials to just look the other way and let our citizens continue to dodge around the obstacle course of potholes. Please city of Woodland officials, I’m requesting that you do something.

Norman Phillips, 



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