Letter to the editor: Is the Ridgefield School Board tone deaf? 


Ridgefield voters rejected the last school bond that was presented in February. Now, here we are again, two months later, with essentially the same school bond being presented once again. Is our school board tone deaf? “Inflation is costing the average U.S. household an additional $296 per month,” a Moody’s Analytics analysis found. The figure is based on the latest reading on consumer prices, which rose 7.9% in February compared with a year ago. Homeowners are being financially stressed by increasing taxes and inflation. Renters are not immune to property tax increases either. Not only are rents soaring because of inflation, any property tax increases driven by school bonds will quickly be passed on to renters. It’s time to find a new paradigm to fund Ridgefield’s wild growth other than just issuing special elections every two months.

James Sheppard, 



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  • jimmer

    We have been long time residence of rural Ridgefield (27 years). In that time we have seen all the changes that have taken place to the area including our taxes skyrocket. We raised our children in this quaint community and watched them graduate from RHS

    Over the years I believe we have more than paid our fair share in property taxes. Now as we get closer to our retirements and with the property taxes being over $1,000 per month. We are contemplating a change.

    We were going to build a smaller home after short platting a section of our property (the cost of that paid to the county is a whole other issue). Not to mention the cost of building a new home is way out of control. $350.00 per square foot?

    My spouse was a police officer in Camas for the past 26 years and watched the same thing happen to Camas!!!

    The increased taxes that we all will be burdened with are not the fault of ours but more so the planners and those wanting to line their pockets. Who thought it would be a great idea to inundate the area with all the subdivisions and apartments without having a plan set in place for the schools? Clark county with their outrageous fees? Developers with their cost of building homes? Both?

    In these ever changing times, what with inflation the economy and interest rates climbing it looks as though we are heading for another 2008!! As long as people are willing to overbid house sales, there will be no end to this.

    At this point plus the possibility of this bond being passed we are left with the decision of possibility having to move to another county or state away from our children where it would be more reasonable to live. We are completely opposed to another attempt

    (2 months later) at passing this bond.

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