Letter to the Editor: Integrity should matter in presidential race



Let’s hear it for integrity. Recently, many of us saw the presidential debate. We were presented with an opportunity to see each of the contenders for our nation’s highest office. What we saw was humiliation in two different forms. We saw an 81-year-old man stumble over his words and struggle to put his thoughts together, at least at first, though he was right on the facts. And we saw the other old man, 78 years old, smoothly and prolifically lie to the American people.

Each humiliation was evident for all of us to see. Mr. Biden struggled out of the gate. Mr. Trump did not, though he couldn’t undo the facts that he has been convicted of 34 felonies, was found culpable for sexual assault and the defamation of the woman he assaulted and much, much more. The two old men sparred over golf handicaps and who ranked worse in presidential history. (It’s Trump; you can look it up). Biden looked honestly old, perhaps strained and “over-practiced” as some pundits called him. We have seen perform better, like at the State of the Union address. Trump looked and sounded glib. We have seen him be more glib and more manipulative before.

One says that America has the best economy in the world right now, and the facts bear that out, and the other says “America is a failed nation and the laughing stock of the world.” That has not been shown to be true. Which do we want? Do we want a man that stumbles and at times looks his age but speaks the truth or a man who speaks like a talk show host but is wrong on facts, wrong before the law and wrong in his esteem of this country. When it comes down to it, we, the voters, have a binary choice of two candidates. Integrity, telling the truth in deeds and actions, matters more than style.

Mike Myers

Battle Ground