Letter to the editor: I’ll be voting for Michelle Belkot for Clark County Council District 2 


Who would be the best choice for Clark County Council, Seat 2: Michelle Belkot or Kim Hamlik?

Newcomer to the political scene, Kim Hamlik seems nice with an outgoing personality but are the people of Clark County going to get an experienced professional with knowledge of how the county runs? Unfortunately, Clark County voters have been down this path many times before with the likes of Julie Olson and Jamie Herrera Beutler to name a few. 

Case in point, Mrs. Hamlik admitted at one event that she didn’t know the Clark County Council and the Clark County Board of Health are one in the same. She claims she has more time to give to the role but does more time equate to a stronger, more proficient county councilor? Or do we want a councilor who has more than 20 years of experience with multi-million-dollar contract negotiations when we need a new jail and bridge to build? And a councilor candidate who without being an elected official, is already working with local agencies on the homeless issue? Do we want a councilor who is already fully aware of the latest Columbia River bridge project and is working with other candidates and current legislators to overcome the hurdles?

Recently, LifePac.org endorsed Michelle Belkot before the primary election when they usually wait until the general election in November to endorse a candidate. Mrs. Hamlik was not endorsed by LifePac. What is Mrs. Hamlik’s stance on abortion?

Also, according to PDC filings, why does Mrs. Hamlik have Democrat Jim Moeller’s former treasurer as her own campaign treasurer? Anybody who has been around Clark County politics knows that Jim Moeller, a former state representative for district 49, is one of the most liberal Democrat politicians and to have the same treasurer is a very troubling choice to say the least. Also, Betty Sue Morris appears to have thrown her support to Ms. Hamlik by donating so Republicans have to ask, is she really a Republican?

Lastly, in a recent candidate interview Mrs. Hamlik shared that she doesn’t believe the people of Clark County have a right to medical freedoms and she’d support in lockstep more lockdowns and follow “the experts” but Michelle Belkot said she stands with the people on this issue and believes we all deserve the right to make those choices for ourselves and our families and believes that constitutional rights shouldn’t be tossed aside.

These questions are vital for the people of Clark County so we can all be informed voters. There are so many forums, meet and greets, and other events where you can ask these questions of all Clark County councilor candidates. Based on what I’m seeing, I already know I’ll be voting for the most experienced, most qualified candidate for District 2: Michelle Belkot.

Katie Bauer,



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