Letter to the editor: I will continue to support Joe Kent


Now that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, I use it when Facebook blocks me so I can create my own comments, follow Joe Kent and see what other local elected leaders and candidates are saying. 

Knowing that Joe Kent supports an increase in the child tax credit, and that this is one use of our tax dollars that benefits, instead of harming families, I was appalled, but not surprised, to see Heidi St. John attack Joe Kent, and call him a “Bernie bro” for supporting it. 

The child tax credit is one of the few government programs that does what it is supposed to: It helps struggling families and lifts children out of poverty. 

Some of my family members lost their jobs last year. They are young people just starting out to build their families, and the child tax credit helped them make ends meet. 

It’s an effective program, which is why it was doubled in then-president Donald Trump’s tax plan. 

Does Heidi think Donald Trump was a Bernie bro too? 

Her hypocrisy is incredible. 

She has admitted to being on welfare, and her nonprofit has received over a million dollars in government grants. If she wants to take a principled stand against government spending, she can start with her own bank account.

I will continue to support Joe Kent, who is also determined to see that parents can choose where to spend their tax dollars on education, instead of being locked in to one-size-fits-all public schools and gambling their children’s future on under-performing, often hostile, government schools that are under the thumb of teachers unions. 

Joe Kent understands that families are the building block of our society.

His proposal would help poor families nationwide. I don’t know what policies Heidi supports, but apparently “helping families in need” isn’t on the list.

We can spend our tax dollars on special interest government programs and “grants” that help the few, or we can get behind Joe Kent, who is endorsed by Trump and strengthen our families.

Political dust in the air serves no one.

Joe Kent will serve us ably in Congress. 

Bob Larimer, 



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  • TerryBusch

    Joe Kents team are spinning their wheels trying to keep up with Heidi St John's Clear message of TRUTH and actual hands on solutions. Her Platform is contagious and spreading like wildlife nation wide and especially here in Wa CD-3. She has raised nearly one Million dollars from private individual donors. Her supporters love her 'look you in the eye and not treat you like an idiot' honestly, and Rock Solid Constitutional Conservative platform.

    The Kent campaign has been hostle and cut throat since day one.

    Joe himself gins up his supporters. At a straw poll campaign event, held at the Cowlitz CRP HQ, he warned "we are at war" an "insurgent" force.. pitting two sides against each other. .Kent described himself doing this in the military.

    Joe Kent is running a perpetual smear campaign out in the open, and his supporters are jumping ship when they see it in REAL TIME it is ugly, it is rude and I have it on video.

    His team recorded Heidi at an event in Skamkawa Wa. Joe campaign sent another agitator team to disrupt and film the event.

    (I was there) they recorded and released another misleading article and the chopped video that ACTUALLY exonerares Heidi from their false claim! Lol!

    That one died quickly. The headline doesn't match the video at all, but they still spread the lie.

    Does Joe Kent understand tax codes?

    Apparently not. His supporters are also confused.

    Bob are you confused? The " $10,000 per child tax credits" Joe and his advisor are pushing is a disaster.

    Many of his supporters are misled, the "child tax credits" are not Conservative.

    Kent declared this in a campaign video and tried to walk it back during an interview with Lars Larson.

    Lars immediately saw the red flag and said "Are you sure about that? " Joe tried to walk it back , but here they are again trying to one up a Joe Bidens campaign policy! Lol!

    Is Joe Kent is still confused about this? Look at his history.

    He has never held a job in the private sector to my knowledge, or owned a successful business.

    He has never lived in Washington state until he decided to run for office here. Not in Or were he is a registered Democrat in Multnomah County from 2012 to 2020 and voted for Burnie Sanders after Sanders withdrew from the race and endorsed Joe Biden.

    Joe has has time to walk this back,

    Democrats believe this is a good thing.

    So does Burnie Sanders!

    A $10,000 per child check "from the goverment" is not Conservative or Republican. It is Socalism. A parent with 5 children would receive a check for $50,000 under Joe Kent's plan.

    Even Kent's advisor, big goverment DC insider Matt Braynard, is candy coating the $10,000 per child CHECK FROM THE GOVERMENT.

    Joe Kent's advisor was fired by Donald J Trump. I will leave that right here..

    Matt Braynard tweeted this nonsense in response to a tweet from Heidi exposing Kent's Socalist $10,000 per child tax credit plan.

    I wonder if Matt Braynard wrote this letter

    for Mr Larimer.

    Matt Braynard also falsely accused Heidi in a Tweet. I verified that this claim was false weeks ago when Braynard tweeted it.

    Heidi was not on welfare, and did not take out goverment loans for her business.

    Another Kent campaign team member brought a do***ent to disrupt yet another Heidi event in Woodland. She presented it as proof. It is proof. Proof that Heidi did not take out goverment loans.

    But the lies continue, I guess

    because the "end justifies the means'.

    Heidi St John is a rock solid SERVANT of the people. She does not lie or back down from TYRRANTS. She is loved by good people and those who understand who the enemies of freedom really are.

    Heidi is fighting for us.

    Tuesday, May 10 Report this

  • valleyforge

    Terry Busch, you and I have a strong difference of opinion.

    Since the day President Trump endorsed Joe Kent and Heidi broke her covenant with voters to drop out and support Joe Kent, the endorsed candidate, she has been deep in the mud, running a relentless smear campaign, flinging accusations and false 'facts' against Joe Kent.

    He has patiently, faithfully answered all these challenges.

    I have tried to engage you and Heidi supporters, pointing out the truth and attempting to be reasonable, even when I myself came under attack.

    No more.

    The gloves are off.

    America First representation in the 3rd District is too important to allow promise-breakers and false accusers to confuse voters, split the vote and allow backstabber Jaime to stay in office, representing D.C. insiders instead of us.

    Heidi should honor her oath and drop out.

    You should be ashamed of backing someone who has demonstrated that she will blithely break her public promises.

    None of you have any excuse to continue your attacks and falsehoods.

    Tuesday, May 10 Report this

  • TerryBusch

    valleyforge MTG smear piece is laughable. And you baseless accusations are Kent ground zero.

    Kent released a smear campaign of verifiable lies gave them to Trump. After the "promise"

    WHEN research revealed Kent long list of lies. Or Democrat 2012 to 2020 voted for Sanders. He showed up to the candidate forum pretending to be a Republican.

    He is not. The full MTG smear VIDEO starts with the nazi question lie from your goon to Fuentes and goes down hill for you from there. How is the ballot Stuffing scheme going?

    Tuesday, May 10 Report this

  • valleyforge

    Joe Kent will rightly become our next Congressman.

    Tuesday, May 10 Report this

  • ChuckGlisson

    OK, let me "Make This" PERFECTLY CLEAR!

    If Joe Kent, or ANY of his "Represenatives" DARES to come to MY "Property", of the property of a friend, and conveys a "Threat", AGAIN!

    The "Result", will be EXTREMELY UNFAVORABLE to Joe Kent,

    or HIS "Representative ",

    and WILL REQUIRE "Sorting Out" IN COURT!

    I will let the term that I used here;

    "Extremely Unfavorable",

    to be left to YOUR "Imagination", as to "What" I MEAN,


    Wednesday, May 11 Report this

  • valleyforge

    President Trump is right to endorse Joe Kent.

    Now also-ran candidates and their supporters don't want any of those endor*****t g****s because they're sour!


    Friday, May 13 Report this