Letter to the editor: I do not want to be taught hate


Why is ESD 112 allowing CRT training to be pushed? I received an email from an employee and the first line kind of shocked me.

“Opportunity: Share with appropriate colleagues, and target teachers and paras.”

I do not want to be taught hate, and the social justice they are trying to push is what caused deaths, thefts, burning of livelihoods. Whenever I go to Jantzen Beach in Portland to shop, I always see a theft in progress from stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Target. No one stops them. Do people not realize it hurts the consumers all around? I know many free services that are available if a person needs basic needs. This is not social justice. Stop pointing police officers as the bad people and deadly, especially since doctors and Planned Parenthood kill more people every year. Stop letting teachers continue to teach if they are not going to teach reading, writing, math, civics and history. Stop dumbing our society down. It is bad enough that I have to teach what our teachers do not. Parents need to teach right from wrong and respect your neighbors, and not be friends with your kids. They need to parent their kids. Our government should not provide funding to our schools to teach CRT. They are going to pay $300 after completion and the last sentence is, “a safe space to build a community focused around social-justice reform in education.”

We do not need social justice in our schools. We need children to be able to read, write, do math, science and just maybe learn civics and history. We do not need Marxism, socialist, Hitler type teachings. We have seen what happens in societies that push this. It is bad enough Governor Brown and other government officials do not believe students of color or of a different ethnicity are not smart enough to pass an exit exam. That is racist. It is bad enough that millions of children are left behind in teaching because of bad policies and federal dollars promised to schools if they push certain policies, like No Child Left Behind and ESSA, which is still passing kids who can’t read or spell at grade level. I want my kids to be taught how I was in the 80s, but not in this misguided atmosphere of today.


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