Letter to the editor: Hold on to your wallet


The geniuses in Olympia are at it again. They have been very quiet lately. Merry Christmas — come Jan. 1, you will be paying between 40 to 50 cents a gallon additional sales tax on your fuel. They supposedly will use this money to support cap and trade. At a time when folks are struggling to make ends meet with inflation, higher food costs, and much higher than normal fuel prices. Couldn’t this wait? We are on the brink of a recession and Lord Inslee and his merry group are cooking up outrageous ideas. This is very poor timing indeed. One day the voters will figure out these folks are not needed. Just saying.

Gary Priddy,

Battle Ground


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  • Mackep

    A month on and it didn't happen and probably never will. Sounds as if you bought into a lie spread by conservative opponents to the carbon emission tax.

    Thursday, January 26 Report this