Letter to the editor: Erasing history sets us on a path to destruction


Tomorrow we will look back upon today and ask ourselves, how could we have let this happen?

Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent who defected to the west in the 1980s, warned us that to topple a nation, all that has to happen is to demoralize at least three generations by exposing them to divisive ideologies through manipulation disguised as education while also attacking the values that they grew up under. 

Unchallenged, the youth are educated to hate their own nation, thus breeding an entire generation of youth willing to burn it all down. A generation of useful idiots, convinced that their truth is the only truth that matters.

Yuri also explained that one must subvert everything of value in a target nation, be it morals, religion, respect for authority and leadership, cultural traditions, national history, etc. That black must be pitted against white, poor against rich, young against the old, etc., in order to disturb people's sense of reality and to disrupt society. In other words, the very exact thing that we are now witnessing daily thanks to clickbait media, corrupt politicians and the woke Twitter outrage junkie mob.

It goes without saying that our nation is under assault. Currently, our history is being erased and rewritten in favor of a narrative that tells our children and virtue signals to the rest of us that our nation is a nation not worthy of existence. That our founding fathers were evil men, monsters to be hated and despised. That our nation was founded on hate, dedicated to hate, and filled to the brim today with hate. 

Entire generations have been brainwashed by university professors, social media and Hollywood to believe that our history is sinister, and that our monuments were built to honor evil and that both must be eradicated to free the future from the sins of the past.

We are witness to history in the making each day and we must all wonder what that history will tell future generations about who we were. Will those people in the future look back upon us and denounce us as we are now doing to those in our past? 

When you erase history, especially the dark times, you allow the evils of the past the freedom to repeat their atrocities once again.

Our history is written not only in books but in the bronze of statues. They are memorials to the past that were erected by people who endure that history and knew the importance of never repeating it. Remove them and we are catering to the hateful anger of the woke Twitter outrage mob of today and tomorrow, after all the riots, looting, virtue signaling, and all the toppling of our nation's history, we'll look back and ask, how did good people allow this to happen? I recall a time in history when we asked that question before. And we said never again. Yet here we are well onto the path of repeating that morbid history.


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