Letter to the editor: Don Benton will stand up for you 


I have known Don Benton for over 40 years, both as a good friend and as a boss. Does he have warts just like everyone else? Yes, and his wart is, he’s a real fighter that calls out government wrongdoing. Some people call this “a bull in a china shop.” But if you need someone in the fox hole with you, there isn’t anyone better. 

He has always been about doing the right thing and getting it done. If what you’re looking for is a glad handing baby kisser that talks and talks, but never accomplishes anything, then Don isn’t the right choice for you. But if you would like someone to stand up for you, and fix the mess we’re in right now, then there is no one better qualified than Don. 

Remember, if you keep voting for people that say all the right things, but have no track record of achievements, then you will keep getting the same substandard results we’ve been getting for years.

Jeff Van Sloten,



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