Letter to the editor: Crimes have increased in last two years


Bruce McClay’s letter to the editor on April 6 is another example of a liberal distortion of the facts. Also Mr. McClay didn’t even defend the higher gas prices, inflation, the failure of the Biden administration on Ukraine, Afghanistan, immigration and his corruption dealings with his son on investment ventures, which now the mainstream media is finally reporting on. Now back to the facts. I was referring to crime in the last two years on the increase, not 60 years ago compared to now. Here are the facts: The New York Times reported in most Democratic cities murders were up 18% since 2020 to 2022. All these facts are from the last two years. In Chicago, a Democratic city, murder rates have doubled and shootings are up 38%. In Oakland, California, murder rates are up 37%, while Los Angeles is up 17%. In both of these Democratic cities property crimes have increased from 20,000 to 25,000 that were reported. I can give a lot more facts, but the last two years, crime and property crimes have increased. Democrats have done a masterful job of distorting the facts. My letter to the editor referred to cities run by Democrats, not comparing states which Mr. McClay used. Please compare oranges to oranges. Democrats are the party that wants to defund the police. Why were the Democratic cities like Portland having violent riots every night by antifa? The Democrats defended their actions. 

I guess Portland didn’t have any increase in crime in the last two years.

James Kissee, 

Battle Ground


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  • liberalsbane

    Crime? In Portland?? You gotta be kidding.

    Wednesday, April 13, 2022 Report this