Letter to the Editor: Biden failing at everything



Law and order, education, energy, the economy and morality are losing to President Biden’s agenda. Whether opening the border or signing away women’s sports, his pens are destroying what America has worked hard for these past 240 years. Once a beacon of hope, we have become a sanctuary for the world’s thieves, criminals and terrorists. But Joe needs all the votes he can get, even illegal ones. Hate speech has replaced free speech both on and off university campuses. Protesters verbally and physically assault Jews and chant “death to Israel.” Their signs are even more disturbing. What does Joe do? He wants to import more antisemitism in the form of Gaza refugees.

Israel could have eliminated Hamas terrorists by now if not for Biden’s interference. He now wants to stop an ammo shipment to our allies. Much of America’s moral decay begins in public schools. “God” is not spoken aloud in progressive classrooms, but drag queens are allowed to lead children in chants of “Free Palestine.” Oppressive Marxist professors will continue pounding DEI into their naive minds, creating more radical activists and entitled spoiled brats. Why can’t children be allowed to be children without the corruption of politics? Democrat hatred has even taken President Trump to court to keep him from campaigning.

The contrast between Trump’s winning economy and Biden’s everybody-loses agenda is so visible no one can play dumb. If we don’t get this election right, perhaps we deserve the destruction that will come. Trump can help us only temporarily. With God we can achieve greatness, always. We were never a perfect nation but were always a light that caught the eyes of the oppressed. They wanted the freedoms Americans live by. We welcome them still. But what Biden is doing, or not doing, at our border is corrupt. Absolutely everything is upside down in Joe’s America. Good is now evil and evil is good. Another contrast between good and evil was the young men of the University of North Carolina protecting our nation’s flag. The anti-American crowd that raises their own Palestinian flags wanted to destroy it. They pelted these young patriots, including Jews, with water bottles, rocks and fascist slurs. I doubt this patriotism was aired on CNN or MSNBC. These propagandists still can’t figure out why Republicans support Trump. I don’t think these radical racists are getting their money’s worth in education.

Will Joe pay off their student loans, too? A good trade school would be money better spent. God, family and country is how we have survived up to now. Anything less than law and order is failure. Speaking of failure, it is said the true measure of a man is how he handles it. In Biden’s case he has yet to stop failing.

Roy Schimelpfenig