Letter to the Editor: Battle Ground mayor should stick to government duties



I would like to commend the three Battle Ground City Council members who courageously blocked Mayor Troy McCoy’s outrageous “Gay Pride Proclamation” and the many citizens who showed up at the Monday council meeting in opposition to the same.

You have to ask yourself, “What motivates a person to run for the office of mayor? Is it to serve the community in a selfless role or to provide a launching point … a bully pulpit for personal agendas? What truly motivates you, Troy, to step outside your mayoral areas of responsibilities to perform in an area where you have no business. Both “pride” and “deviant sexual behavior” are explicitly anti-Biblical behavior … It is nothing that one should declare and celebrate in the public square.

This is a bit of a cheap shot but, may I ask, what will be your next public celebratory declaration? Wife swapping? I suggest you stay out of areas where you have no moral foundations.

Dennis Anderson

Brush Prairie