Letter to the editor: Ask yourself these six questions


Why do you say, “God will protect me from COVID,” yet lock your door, wear a seatbelt, and own a gun? 

Why do you argue for personal choice in mask wearing and vaccination, yet argue against personal choice in abortion? 

Why do you support laws protecting the health and wellbeing of unborn infants, yet oppose laws protecting the health and wellbeing of the elderly and immunocompromised?  

Why do you oppose government mandates regarding masks and vaccinations yet willingly accept a thousand other government mandates like speed limits, smoking regulations, school zones, building codes, taxes, laws making sure your food, drink, and medications are safe, laws regulating workplace hours, wages, and safety, and licensures for teachers, doctors, nurses, contractors? 

Why do you claim to be a patriotic American defending democracy, yet attack one of the fundamental principles of our democracy, the electoral process? 

Why do you claim to be advocating for Christian principles in arguing against government mandates thus denying the Christian principles advocated by Paul in Romans 13:1-2 and Peter in I Peter 2:13-14? 

Bruce McClay, 

Battle Ground


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  • MontyWinton

    Why do you argue for personal choice in mask wearing and vaccination, yet argue against personal choice in ********?

    Mask and vaccines were not choices for many! They were dictates. Blackmail. If you don't comply it will cost the schools their rightful money from the state. If you don't comply you will lose your job ( livelihood ). Once you comply there will be more dictates. Because that's what blackmailers do. We now have the governor of this state implementing CRT, Equity, Gender fluidity, and *** ed to children starting in kindergarten and up! What is the next dictate? Why do we even have a congress if the governor is calling all the shots?

    ******** on the other hand is NOT a mandate. It's a choice. And one that could be prevented 100%. Whether it's abstinence or wearing a condom. But the very same people who want to force draconian measures on the people to combat a virus that is 99% plus survivable think that abstinence ( quarantine if you like ) or wearing a condom ( Mask ) is an overreach of their personal freedom! Jesus loves his children. And before you remind us that some women have ********s because of **** or incest it is such a minute number it does not justify the 10's of millions of ********s that could easily have been prevented!

    So my question to you Bruce is why do you treat our freedom ( Of life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ) with such nonchalance and dismissiveness? Million of concerned parents across the country reject these mandates and for good reason! You might want to reconsider the cost of getting freedom in the first place. Because once it's gone it's gone!!

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