Letter to the editor: Anti-vaxxers continue to infect themselves, others


Jim Tejeka is the latest anti-vaxxer to whine about how he is being discriminated against because he chose to not be vaccinated against COVID-19 (June 30 letter to editor in The Reflector). We heard similar arguments years ago from smokers, who complained about new “discriminatory” restrictions, which violated their constitutional rights (ultimately, to kill themselves and others). I’m so glad that Tejeka had negative COVID tests, but what does he say about the 604,000 American deaths and millions of others who suffered but eventually (mostly) recovered?

He claimed the danger of COVID is diminishing without acknowledging there is a current resurgence of the delta variant, which appears to be more deadly and more transmissible than the original strain. Infections and deaths are increasing in pockets of our country (and certainly in other parts of the world), where vaccination rates are low, and the overwhelming majority of those infections are among individuals who have not been vaccinated. Unfortunately, we will be exposed to delta and other deadly emerging variants unless we can develop herd immunity, but that requires about an 80 percent vaccination rate. We’re currently less than 50 percent fully vaccinated, thanks primarily to Tejeka and his cohorts.

He offered an absurd statement that dictators require us to be vaccinated. Of course, there is no such requirement, only common sense and decency. Remarkably, he attempted to equate the Thalidomide tragedy of the 1960s with the safety of COVID vaccines, however, that drug was never approved by the FDA, nor did it undergo the COVID style of rigorous testing and analysis by many research studies involving tens of thousands of volunteers and patients. He challenged the 90-95 percent efficacy of the COVID vaccines and he appeared to be unaware that such a high level is extraordinary. A 50 percent vaccine efficacy is considered good enough to be approved by the FDA.

Tejeka’s attitude and actions are selfish and reckless at best. At worst, he and his like-minded anti-vaxxers continue to infect themselves and others, perpetuating the suffering and deaths of those who are vulnerable to the disease. He has the audacity to equate the mantra “we are all in this together” with how, in a democratic society, we all have the freedom to choose to receive the vaccine, or not. It would be nice if we could collaboratively defeat this terrible pandemic by protecting ourselves and our families by receiving the vaccine. I wonder how his attitude might change if he or a family member became infected because of his pathetic, misguided and dangerous mission.

Finally, I encourage Tejeka and other anti-vaxxers to review some literature about solving the pandemic, to get a clue, and to open their eyes, once they remove their heads from their rear ends.


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  • Scruffy

    You claim the delta variant is more deadly and virulent. yet the fatality rates from COVID continue to decline, and are much lower than they were a year ago.

    You claim that infection and death rates are increasing in "pockets", yet no one anywhere can find raw data to substantiate this.

    A 50% efficacy may be enough to be approved by the FDA, but no drug which has the adverse side effects of the COVID inoculations would ever pass a normal FDA approval process. Research conducted by Aix-Marseille University Faculty Member Dr. Herve Seligmann and Engineer Haim Yativ show that the Pfizer vaccine is said to have caused 40 times more death in elderly people and 260 times more deaths in the young than what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the same time period. There has been no discussion of the long-term side-effects of the inoculation, which causes your body to spontaneously generate spike proteins for an unknown period of time - perhaps forever - which may result in compromised immune systems, tissue an nerve damage and sterility. Such studies cannot possibly have been accomplished. Dr. Angelina Farella, a 25-year pediatrician based in Houston, testified that the reason that animal trials of Pfizer/Moderna mRNA injections had been stopped was that too many animals were dying.

    Herd immunity is not acquired solely through inoculations (I use inoculation, because vaccine is a misnomer. An RNA gene manipulation regimen is NOT a vaccine.). People infected and recovered from the virus in the wild also have immunity, and in fact have better, broader immunity than the specific immunity supposedly derive from the inoculation. There has not been a single COVID fatality that did not also exhibit a vitamin D deficiency, which leads to the Cytokine storm that results in respiratory distress. This is one reason why COVID hasn't wiped out the third world populations in the tropics - they get enough vitamin D naturally. The FDA will also not approve an immunization when there is an effective treatment available. Hydroxychloroquine is an over-the-counter medication that can be bought without a prescription in countries where malaria is endemic. It's not dangerous, it's effects and contraindications have been well known for decades. Ivermectin has also been shown to be quite effective. But the big pharma/government industrial establishment suppresses these results because there's billions to be made from these inoculations.

    If you are immunized, then what is your problem? You're immune - or are you? If you're not, then what's the point of the immunization? Since, according to Johns-Hopkins, you have a 98.2% of surviving COVID 19 if you catch it, and since, according to the CDC, only 6% of the COVID deaths have not involved a comorbidity, a healthy young American has a 99.892% chance of survival if they catch it. I'll take my chances in the wild, and am severely disappointed that my fellow countrymen would use the sort of social pressure that you are to try to shame people into adopting your paranoia. It's laughable that you advise people to "open their eyes, [and] remove their heads from their rear ends" when you have blindly accepted the propaganda fed to you by a complicit, compromised government agency and news media, have dismissed anyone who points out the obvious discrepancies between the official narrative, the raw data and the facts as kooks and conspiracy theorists, and who can't explain to me why Florida, which has been wide open for months has the same mortality rates as California, which has some of the most draconian restrictions in the nation. You've been played, and you're too mired in your self-righteousness to realized that you've been played.

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