Letter to the editor: A Poem: Pentecost


They spoke of Jesus, His death on the cross,

Which they considered naught but loss.

The room was shut, and they did fear,

The twelve apostles gathered there.

Then they heard the sound of wind,

It filled the house, and all within.

Spirit coming as tongues of fire,

Settling on each, now filled with desire,

To tell of Jesus’ mighty deeds,

That He died for us, and for our needs.

Filled with joy, and peace and love

Proclaiming Christ, our Savior from above.

They spoke in tongues to all those near,

And thousands converted, then and there.

They heard the good news, and they believed,

That Christ died for them, they were relieved.

Formerly filled with sin and shame,

Now baptized in Christ, with Heaven their aim.

Filled with Christ’s Holy Spirit,

They took God’s love and willingly shared it.

As we are likewise called today,

To share God’s love in every way.

Sharon Redd,