Keeping the community active: Rodeman brothers continue to post content online


With the extension of Gov. Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, members of the community are finding ways to stay healthy while spending more time at home. 

While the physical location might be closed for the time being, Battle Ground Martial Arts Academy — and the brothers that own it — continue to be active online. 

Jeremiah Rodeman said he believes that getting up and getting active is a crucial step to staying mentally and physically in shape during these uncommon times. 

“Get up, move and then the next step is starting simple, everyday exercises,” he said, mentioning how pushups, sit ups and burpees are low-risk exercises that take no equipment. 

Along with quick, easy exercises you can do in your living room, Rodeman said he and his brothers are posting quick, free workout videos on their social media platforms to give people new exercises to try. 

From personal workouts to partner techniques, Rodeman said the videos are versatile and focus on many different muscle groups. One of the videos on their Facebook page has a duo using each other for planks and deadlifts with no equipment required. 

While some workouts are easy to do without equipment, personal deadlifts and machine based workouts are difficult. Due to this difficulty, BMA Academy is loaning out some of their equipment to their clients to hold them over until the stay at home order is lifted. “We have some personal training clients that have specific workout programs and have a certain goal the want to reach,” Rodeman said, mentioning that he’s delivered dumbells and other equipment to specific clients as it was needed.

While free videos and workouts continue to fill the Battle Ground BMA Academy Facebook page, Rodeman said he and his brothers are working on putting together an online fitness program. The program, which Rodeman hopes to launch at the beginning of May, will be a full program of classes, workouts and training. “We’ve actually been working on the online academy for quite awhile now,” Rodeman said, explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic caught them off guard. According to Rodeman, while a lot of the online program will be paid for, there will still be free content for the public to access. “It all goes back to why I got into this business,” Rodeman said. “Because I care about people.”

Rodeman later explained that working in the business he gets immense satisfaction out of helping people stay fit and achieve their goals. “I really love to see people get something positive out of everything we do.”

As for the future, Rodeman hopes to open up the gym as soon as he can and continue to give people an outlet to destress. Until then, Rodeman said that he hopes the coronavirus pandemic gets more people living active and healthy lifestyles. “I think this could help people become more aware of the fact that it’s better to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.”


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