Former Ridgefield mayor donates Golden Retriever statue to city


Ridgefield City Hall now has a bronze guardian watching over Pioneer Street as the city recently celebrated the unveiling of a statue of a Golden Retriever during a May 4 ceremony.

Several city officials along with residents and their canines congregated in front of city hall to officially welcome the statue to the city. The artwork, produced by sculptor Georgia Gerber, was donated to the city by Tevis Laspa, a former Ridgefield mayor who has been active in supporting the community, specifically arts. He explained he had seen a similar statue of a dog in Walla Walla and decided such an artwork would fit well back home.

As for the breed selection, Laspa said it was due to a lifelong love of the animals. He was flanked by two of the breed, Zoe and Daisy, during the ceremony. The statue sits next to a water fountain which Laspa said was the work of the Ridgefield Garden Club.