Customer unsatisfied with Centurylink’s internet service


I am wondering whether anyone else in this area is feeling cheated by Centurylink. 

After going back and forth with them about poor internet service since I moved here seven years ago I turned the problem over to U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas. She did her best to be helpful and referred the matter to the FCC. 

Unfortunately Centurylink is able to get over on the FCC by telling them that my service was just fine. The FCC of course took their word for it. I have been told by Centurylink telephone representatives that one, they are working on it, (for the past seven years); two, Washington is too small a market for Centurylink to invest in infrastructure improvement; and three, we have been experiencing bandwidth exhaustion since April 2017 but 100 percent for sure the engineers are working on this problem which will be resolved by Aug. 15. 

Does it bother anyone else to see their commercials on TV offering up to 40 Mpbs to customers in other markets when we get less than 10 for the same price? Is anyone else tired of being ripped off by a company that has gobbled up smaller providers without any thought as to how they will adequately service their customers? 

I read in this paper that the town of Yacolt is unsatisfied to say the least with Centurylink's service. Anyone else out there? Any suggestions? Or are we all just going to go on accepting poor service for good money? Is this a trivial problem or is it indicative of something larger? Thoughts please on entering the 21st century.


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