Battle Ground dentist office moves to new location


Which sounds better: going to the dentist or sitting in a heated massage chair? At Above and Beyond Dentistry & Implants in Battle Ground, patients can do both.

Established in 2006 by Dr. Glen Hollar, one of the first dentists in Clark County to provide dental implant therapy in the 1980s, Above and Beyond was originally located at 1908 NW 1st Way.

Dr. Kevin Low, the only doctor currently on the staff, was hired in 2009, and took over for Hollar when he retired in 2013.

In November, Above and Beyond moved to 407 W. Main St.

Above and Beyond’s move was an opportunity to neighbor Dr. Tyler Pritchard of Pritchard Orthodontics. Low and Pritchard established a professional relationship in 2009. The move allows further collaboration between the doctors, allowing both to cover a wider range of patient needs.

“Additionally, the new location was a way to give our patients a state-of-the-art new facility that provides for calming privacy while receiving optimal dental care,” Low said.

Above and Beyond’s upgrade follows a trend in modernization of dental care across the country. Many dentists now offer TVs on the ceilings in view of patients, headphones for music, massage chairs or other amenities which aim to lessen patient anxiety during the process of procedures or routine cleanings.

For children who are patients, these amenities can be especially calming.

Though, Low was unlike many other children in his opinions of dentistry. He admired them, because he saw first-hand how they helped people. His father was a dentist, and Low volunteered at his office during the summers. He recalled hearing patients’ gratitude for his father’s help. When they left the office, they would thank the staff for helping them through their pains and problems, or for simply helping them feel proud of their smiles.

These experiences “inspired me to pursue the career of being a part of the direct solution for people in a one-on-one setting,” said Low.

His father also inspired him to maintain a positive work environment in the office. Above and Beyond has a staff of seven people.

“Strong relationships and great communication are pillars for our team, and that translates to long tenured team members who love helping people make great decisions about their health and their smile,” said Low.

While years of volunteering and over a decade in the field may sound like enough to make Low qualified, he also believes it is extremely important to continue his education whenever he has the opportunity. Collaborating with other doctors such as Pritchard is one way of advancing the scope of his abilities. Another is through conferences and continued education events across the country. And, the pandemic hasn’t stopped him from attending those. In fact, he can now attend events through webinars from home, where he lives with his wife, Christyne, and rescue dog named Smelly.

Above and Beyond’s move puts them only two minutes from their original office.

According to the Above and Beyond website, “the new office is modern, comfortable, high-tech,” and patients “can expect the same amazing care from our team.”

Low added: “(The) biggest motivation for me is knowing that my patients deserve the highest level of care possible so I need to be able to deliver that for them.”


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  • JackieCampbell

    Over the six months I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Low and his staff before their move and after.

    The quality of my care from day one was excellent. I had a several procedures that needed to be done and Dr. Low and his team were able to do them in several visits so that I wasn't overwhelmed.

    Most of them were done at the new location. It was a wonderful experience to have very comfortable chairs during each procedure. In one room the seats were heated during longer procedures. In another room the chair provided gentle massage.

    Each room beautiful panoramic views to watch and music for you to listen to which way very relaxing.

    I have a much improved bite, smile ile and a long term plan for my dental health. Thanks to Dr. Low and is wonderful staff I not only have good oral health I had a wonderful experience while achieving it.

    Thursday, May 27, 2021 Report this