Automowers a way to reduce yard work for homeowners


Homeowners who lack the time or ability to mow their lawns may have an easier solution to their yard problems. Automatic lawnmowers, designed to address this issue, have appeared in more Clark County yards lately.

Automatic lawnmowers, or automowers, operate autonomously upon setup. These devices are designed to navigate and mow lawns without human intervention.

Automowers utilize sensors, GPS and artificial intelligence to speed up and optimize yard navigation.

Samuili Vaananen, co-owner of Battle Ground’s Yard Tools & Robotics, said the convenience of automowers stems from their self-sustaining nature, as they autonomously recharge their batteries when needed. Vaananen recommends automowers for regular lawn upkeep, especially for seniors or people with physical disabilities. These devices can come in handy for those living in neighborhoods governed by Homeowners Associations that enforce regular lawn upkeep, as well.

“It helps them [if] they want to take care of their own lawn. If they don’t want to hire out, this is a great solution for that …They don’t have to worry about the heavy labor of actually mowing it,” Vaananen said.

Because automowers are powered by electricity, many look to automowers to reduce their carbon footprint. Future models may allow for solar-panel charging stations, Vaananen said. Additionally, automowers come with security features to ensure theft is avoided. Most automowers require a PIN for activation, and the device will beep loudly to deter would-be thieves.

“The whole point is that it’s a robot. You don’t have to do anything, [and] it goes on its own. They’re very, very easy to set up … So it remembers if you leave a bike on the grass and it hits it three times, it will start thinking it’s like an object that will be there and avoids it,” Vaananen said.

Automowers do have limitations, however. These devices are best suited for flat lawns and are not meant to navigate bumps and hills. Although some models can climb 35-degree slopes, they will not cut as efficiently. Additionally, some models require specific conditions for optimal performance, such as adequate GPS coverage or the installation of boundary wires. Some models have GPS coverage for only some available locations. Some models come with their antennas, however. One model with an antenna has a range of up to 15 acres but may need to recharge itself multiple times when covering large grass areas.

Smart Yard Tools & Robotics, 2210 W. Main St., Suite 133, offers two automower models for Battle Ground and Clark County residents. Various other automower models can be found at Home Depot and Lowe’s stores.