American people are fed up with not being listened to


The American people are fed up with a Washington aristocracy that neither listens to them nor represents their desires faithfully in government. Unfortunately, this is not limited only to President Barack Obama and his appointees, like Attorney General Eric Holder.

Worse, it’s not even limited to Democrats.

The D.C. establishment on both sides of the aisle seems more interested in expanding personal power and doing favors for their biggest donors than in governing, much less returning the country to the Founders’ ideals of personal liberty and limited government.

Many, including my wife and I, say the answer to the federal government’s ignoring of the Constitution is found in the Constitution itself, specifically in Article V, which establishes the right of the states to call for a constitutional convention to address just such issues. So if Washington will not reform itself, if Washington will not employ the techniques built into the Constitution to preserve the Constitution, Article V provides a mechanism for the states to do it.

The Founders were idealists, but they also lived in the real world. They wrote of the importance of character and honor in powerful executives and elected officials, but they knew what human nature was.

That’s the reason behind the checks and balances established by separating the powers of government into three branches. The problem is that the system isn’t working now the way it was designed to. The checks and balances have gone by the wayside right now. The Supreme Court doesn’t check anything. The Congress isn’t checking anything. The Congress has given up its power to Obama.

Freedom is always under assault. Usually, Americans have been used to seeing that assault come most obviously from outside enemies – Imperial Japan, communist Russia, or radical Islamic terrorists, for example, all of whom hate freedom and would replace it with enforced adherence to their own ideals.

Today freedom has come under assault from within and many of those sworn to defend it – in Congress and elsewhere – are derelict in their duty. The best answer – perhaps the only answer at this point – to preserve American liberty is an Article V Convention of the States. I and my wife support this idea and strongly suggest you support it as well.

Walt and Grace Schiller

Brush Prairie


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