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If these numbers are true they are indeed shocking, however any measurable from the 20-21 school year is certainly skewed by the global pandemic. Indicators point to the last school board president setting the district up to fail—both academically and financially. I don’t know his name, but the word on the street is that he was forced to resign under mysterious cir***stances. Maybe “The Reflector” should dig into that story!

Although I agree that academic standards are falling—to the detriment of our children and the community at large—anyone who discounts something as crucial as socio-emotional learning clearly knows nothing about education. Sadly you've undercut what could be a valid parts of your argument by leaning on the new favorite boogeyman of the ignorant: Critical Race Theory. I'll bet a dollar (US) that you don't know what it is, or point (correctly) to any way CRT is showing up in RSD classrooms. (Hint: it doesn't. You've been fooled).

From: Letter to the editor: Produce results first, then ask me to fund more facilities

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