Ridgefield vs La Center from week three.

Photo by Cale Johnson

Ridgefield (1-2) at Hockinson (3-0)

After winning their season opener 41-0, the Spudders have been on the opposite end of blowout games. Avoiding a third straight double-digit loss will be tough against the undefeated Hawks, especially on their home turf — eh, grass — eh, mud pit.

Cale: Hockinson 48-17 Jonathan: Hockinson 28-10 Rick: Hockinson 25-13


Prairie (0-3) at Battle Ground (0-3)

So far this season it has been a struggle for both teams, but expect this game to be close. Both schools share their home stadium and have a significant rivalry despite Prairie being 3A and Battle Ground 4A. The crowd should be large and ready to see someone finally walk away with a win.

Cale: Prairie 30-24 Jonathan: Battle Ground 13-6 Rick: Battle Ground 22-15


 Woodland (1-2) at Hudson’s Bay (2-1)

After rolling his ankle pretty bad last week and given that this is a non-league game for the Beavers, there’s a good chance Tyler Flanagan — who’s arguably Woodland’s best offensive player — won’t play Friday. Hudson’s Bay is 3A and nipped the Beavers last season in Woodland. They’ll be favored to do so again this year at home.

Cale: Hudson’s Bay 25-20 Jonathan: Hudson’s Bay 32-10 Rick: Hudson’s Bay 20-13


Hoquiam (2-1) at La Center (1-2)

Hoquiam may have one more win so far than the La Center, but the Cats have played stiffer competition. With home field advantage, the Wildcats should have a great shot to get up to .500 on the year before league-play starts the following week.

Cale: La Center 35-12 Jonathan: La Center 24-6 Rick: La Center 26-20


2017 pick records - Cale Johnson: 6-3 Jonathan Haukaas: 7-2 Rick Bannan: 7-2

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