2017 pick records

Cale Johnson: 26-10

Jonathan Haukaas: 28-8

Rick Bannan: 25-11


La Center (6-2) at Castle Rock (3-5) — The winner of this game will be champion of the Trico league, yet Castle Rock is two games under .500. Does anyone else in Clark County find that strange?

Cale: La Center 43-7 Jonathan: La Center 20-6 Rick: La Center 26-13


Woodland (4-4) at Mark Morris (1-7) — Woodland has already clinched a playoff spot, but their seeding is still up in the air, so all starters should play.

Cale: Woodland 35-10 Jonathan: Woodland 26-13 Rick: Woodland 21-6


R.A. Long (3-5) at Hockinson (8-0) — If anyone’s going to ruin Hockinson’s perfect record in the last regular season game of the year, it isn’t R.A. Long. 

Cale: Hockinson 49-13 Jonathan: Hockinson 50-12  Rick: Hockinson 42-6


Prairie (2-6) at Fort Vancouver (0-8) — Fort Vancouver has scored zero points in all but one of their games this season.

Cale: Prairie 35-7 Jonathan: Prairie 13-6  Rick: Prairie 26-6


Davis (1-7) at Battle Ground (0-8) — Battle Ground has to win this week, right?

Cale: Battle Ground 18-12 Jonathan: Davis 19-6 Rick: Battle Ground 25-6


Columbia River (3-5) at Ridgefield (1-7) — Columbia River needs a win to stay in the playoff hunt and Ridgefield has already been mathematically eliminated. Columbia River is the better team and has more to play for, so of course, they’re the favorite.

Cale: Columbia River 31-16 Jonathan: Columbia River 30-12  Rick: Ridgefield 18-6

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