Runners cross the Blooms to Brews finish line in 2015. 

By keeping silent during its July 15 meeting, the Woodland City Council reaffirmed its stance against allowing Get Bold Events a 2020 permit for a multi-part foot race in the city. 

The reconsideration follows a dispute between the city and Get Bold Events’ handling of the 2019 “Blooms to Brews” event. 

Get Bold Events, based in Battle Ground, has been hosting Blooms to Brews in Woodland since 2013 when it was just a half-marathon and 10K run. Since its inception, Blooms to Brews has added a 5K, marathon-relay and marathon. According to Elba Benzler, executive director of Get Bold Events, the runs bring in about 2,000 people. 

“I’d like to apologize on behalf of myself and all involved with the Blooms to Brews marathon for any lack of respect or courtesy we have shown,” Benzler told the city council. “We have somehow let you down, and I am asking for a chance to make it right.”

In his allotted five minute period, Benzler mentioned the commerce and revenue the event brings the city. From booked hotels to increased sales at the Woodland AMPM. “We have many local businesses that sponsor this event as well,” Benzler said, bringing up businesses such as AMPM, Luckman’s Coffee and West Coast Training.

The request to reconsider the event comes after the Woodland City Council denied Get Bold its 2020 permit in June after a recommendation from Mayor Will Finn. 

According to Finn, the recommendation to deny the event followed complaints from citizens and businesses in the city as well as multiple planning reasons such as inadequate signage, unlawful additional road closures and the organization’s failure to follow the traffic control plan. 

Benzler concluded his five minute statement at the council meeting by mentioning how Blooms to Brews has helped with Woodland kids programs such as band and dance. Benzler also mentioned that 20.9% of the current 2020 signups are Woodland residents. 

After a few others got up to state their case for Blooms to Brews, the council moved on without any motion to put forward a vote reconsider allowing the 2020 event. 

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