Tyler Flanagan is the 2A Greater St. Helens League Offensive Player of the Year for football. The Woodland High School senior collected 1,971 rushing yards and 32 rushing touchdowns to go along with 2,012 passing yards and 19 touchdowns through the air. He also returned two kickoffs for touchdowns. 

1A Trico League (La Center) 


Defensive Player of the Year – Wyatt Dodson.

First team – Offense: Dodson (RB), Cyrus Zumstein (OL), Max Muffett (OL) and Sean Fox (K).

Second team – Offense: Tom Lambert (QB), Andrew Scott (WR), Sam Wilmont (OL) and Sam Kitchel (OL), La Center. Defense: Collin Namanny (DL), Jeremy Humphrey (LB), Lambert (DB) and Jayden Schmitz (DB).

Honorable mention – Conner Myers and Zachary Tyler.


MVP – Laynie Erickson.

Coach of the Year – Cymany O’Brien.

First team – Tiffany Chandler, Amanda Holm, and Sydney Mairose.

Second team – Abby Banholzer.

Honorable mention – Katie Leslie.


Laynie Erickson earned the 1A Trico League MVP award in volleyball. The La Center High School senior finished her career in the 1,000 kill, 1,000 dig club.


Girls MVP – Roselynn Martin.

Girls Coach of the Year – Andrew Helm.

Girls first team – Natasha Lewis and Lauren Fox.

Boys first team – Garett Shapovalov and Jackson Leavitt.

Girls second team – Emily Graham and Sierra Harris.

Boys second team – Trevor Gunderson and Spencer Holm.


Swimmer of the Year – Hailey Grotte.

First team – 200-meter individual medley: Bryanna Ungs. 50 freestyle: Grotte. 100 freestyle: Grotte. 100 breastroke: Ungs.


First team – Quinn Wiserman (forward).

Second team – Kaiya Villines (midfielder) and Katie Nelson (midfielder).

Honorable mention – Emma Jarvi and Terra Sloniker.


Second team – Aaron Sundahl.

2A Greater St. Helens League (Woodland, Ridgefield, Hockinson) 


Offensive Player of the Year – Tyler Flanagan, Woodland.

Defensive Player of the Year – Brock Harrison, Ridgefield.

First team – Offense: Levi Crum (QB), Hockinson; Joe Brennan (RB), Hockinson; Hunter Abrams (RB), Ridgefield; Peyton Brammer (WR), Hockinson; Sawyer Racanelli (WR), Hockinson; Nick Frichtl (TE), Hockinson; Takumi Veley (OL), Hockinson; Ki Hayden (OL), Hockinson; Kalvin Staker (OL), Ridgefield; Bryce Graham (OL), Woodland; and Nick Charles (K), Hockinson. Defense: Jacob Oldham (DL), Hockinson; Nathan Balderal (DL), Hockinson; Makani Schultz (DL), Ridgefield; Jack Wear (DL) Woodland; Elijah Schultz (LB), Woodland; Jon Domingos (LB), Hockinson; Aiden Mallory (DB), Hockinson; and Wyatt Jones (DB), Hockinson.

Second team – Offense: Wyatt Wooden (WR), Woodland; Christian Yager (WR), Woodland; Kenyon Guy (WR), Woodland; Garret Kondel (OL), Hockinson; Jason Bowman (OL), Woodland; and Austin Clifford (OL), Woodland. Defense: Garrett Gundy (LB), Hockinson; Clay Madsen (LB), Ridgefield; Jimmy Wallace (DB), Ridgefield; Isaiah Flanagan (DB), Woodland; and Tommy Lewellan (DB), Woodland.

Honorable mention – Hockinson: Spencer Lindberg, Jeremiah Faulstick, Cam Thelen, and Troy Vinius. Ridgefield: Simon Berkey, Nolan Citron, Tanner Roberts, and Matthew Torres. Woodland: Anthony Clifford, Reid Hope, and John Arocan.


Player of the Year – Delaney Nicoll, Ridgefield.

Coach of the Year – Danielle Hutton, Woodland.

First team – Kameryn Reynolds (MB), Ridgefield; Emilea Stepaniuk (DS), Ridgefield; Taylor Foster (MB) Woodland; and Elyse Booker (DS) Woodland.

Second team – Kohana Fukuchi (S) Ridgefield; Emily Borgstedt (MB), Ridgefield; Emma Swett (M/S) Woodland; and Mackenzie Hattan (OH) Hockinson.


Offensive Player of the Year – Annika Farley, Ridgefield.

Defensive Player of the Year – Brooke Grosz, Hockinson.

First team – Brooke Weese (Ridgefield), Ellie Seekins (Hockinson), Grace Abbott (Hockinson), Jamie Jeschke (Hockinson) and Ashlyn Daugherty (Woodland).

Second team – Elizabeth Farley (Ridgefield), Katie Waggoner (Hockinson), Kendall McGraw (Hockinson), Alyssa Pfaender (Hockinson) and Emersyn Finn (Woodland).


Outstanding Male Runner of the Year – Kyle Radosevich, Ridgefield.

Girls Coach of the Year – Rebecca Ferguson, Hockinson.

Girls first team – Allyson Peterson (Hockinson), Jane Kuebrich (Ridgefield), Ashley Hunter (Ridgefield), Taylor Kopp (Hockinson) and Marissa Bulder (Hockinson).

Boys first team – Ian Abrams (Ridgefield) and Logan Newman (Ridgefield).

Girls second team – Ashley Vega (Ridgefield), Adyson Dyer (Hockinson), Abby Orman (Hockinson) and Ellie Ritter (Hockinson).

Boys second team – Kai Conradie (Hockinson) and Trevan Bischoff (Hockinson).

Girls honorable mention – Julia Zora (Hockinson) and Lauren Kaiser (Woodland).

Boys honorable mention – Parker Owen (Woodland) and Joshua Saeman (Hockinson).


Player of the Year – Cade Bringhurst, Ridgefield.

Coach of the Year – Bob Ball, Ridgefield.

First team – Kellen Bringhurst (Ridgefield), Nick Radosevich (Ridgefield) and Kale Suomi (Ridgefield).

Second team – Jarrett Christiansen (Hockinson), John Dorotik (Hockinson), Eli Saenz (Ridgefield) and Cade Whitsitt (Ridgefield).

Honorable mention – Donovan Hix (Woodland) and Gage Pilot (Woodland).


Ridgefield High School sophomore Cade Bringhurst became the 2A Greater St. Helens League Player of the Year in golf.


Co-Coach of the Year – Andrea Kropp, Ridgefield.

First team – Singles: Derek Kropp (Ridgefield).

Second team – Doubles: Jonah Kropp and Levi Hipple (Ridgefield).


3A Greater St. Helens League (Prairie) 


First team – Offense: AJ Dixson (QB), Nolan Mickenham (WR). Defense: Mickenham (DB) and Taylor Lawhead (P).

Second team – Offense: Bret McGuire (RB) and Connor Rodgers (OL). Defense: Devante Clayton (DL), Easton Lane (DL), Jake Clark (LB), Zack Wright (LB) and Bryce Cordon (DB).


MVP – Katie Vroman

First team – Lainne Wilkins (S), Molly Packer (L) and Sophia Carter (MB).

Second team – Jamie Packer (UT).

Honorable mention – Maddie Cederholm, Shelby Kocin and Amelia Renner.


Co-Player of the Year – Savannah Harshbarger.

Coach of the Year – Michael Thyron.

First team – Malaika Quigley (forward), Alyssa Talkington (forward), Maya Davis (midfielder) and Haley Reed (defender).

Second team – Midfielder: Macey Hall. Defenders: Sydney Weber and Anna Neal.


Prairie High School senior Savannah Harshbarger (left) was named one of the 3A Greater St. Helens League Players of the Year in soccer.


Boys Coach of the Year – Curtis Crebar.

Boys first team – Luke Lund, Landon Gunter and Isaac Moulton.

Girls first team – Meri Dunford, Alysia Fraly and Sally Anderson.

Boys second team – Ty Kneeshaw, Luke Williams, Nathaniel Johnson and Caden Hoyt.

Girls second team – Mary Lynn McLeod and Hannah Close.


Singles Player of the Year – Elijah Nelson.

First team – Singles: Nelson. Doubles: Cole Harmon and Ethan Hefflin.


First team – Cam Beeson and Isaac Kinsman.

Second team – Josh Kuzmovich, Hugh Foster and Brenden Garvin.


Second team – Ella Limberg (50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke).


4A Greater St. Helens League (Battle Ground) 


First team – Defense: Steven Hancock (DL) and Garrett Moon (DB).

Second team – Offense: Daniel Thompson (RB), Boden Strouse (WR) and Drew Skolrud (OL). Defense: Seth Workman (DB).


First team – Ally Turkington (defender).

Second team – Forward: Shalene Talkington. Midfielders: Emma Beachall and Emily Kohout.


Boys Coach of the Year – Kevin Donovan.

Boys second team – Kyle Ganoung, Nate Cooper and Eli Kissinger.


Co-Coach of the Year – Eric Liljedahl.

First team – Anthony Tobias and Garrett Ballard.

Second team – Nick Lockwood.


First team – Jacqueline Ramsey (100 freestyle and 100 backstroke).


Second team – Singles: Tristan Hamman. 

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Under 4A girls soccer first team the name is incorrect. It should be Ally Turkington not Alyssa Turkington. Please check the roster if you need clarification.

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