Territorial Days

Lawn Mower Show

Prettiest Mower

Sam Williams of Glenoma 

Best Rollover

Tom Lindblom of Battle Ground

Open Class A Main Event

1st - Chad Kuschel of Amboy, 

2nd - Dayton Bailey of

Sedro Woolley 

3rd - Tom Lindblom of

Battle Ground

8 HP Class A Main Event

1st - Chad Kuschel of Amboy

2nd - Kyle Thorson of Battle Ground

3rd - Tom Lindblom of Battle Ground

Women’s Main Event

1st - Kristi Thorson of Vancouver

2nd - Courtney Nicholson of

Sedro Woolley

3rd - Brenda Olstad of Amboy      

2019 Amboy Territorial Days Log Show Results

Mens all around

Ben Clark

Women’s All Around

Martha Nicholas

Men’s Ax Throw

1st - Greg Brown

2nd - Mike Nicholas

3rd - Eilis Knutson

Women’s Ax Throw

1st - Jeri Martinez

2nd - Martha Nicholas

3rd - Krysta Miller

Double Buck

1st - Mike Nicholas and Mike Truong

2nd - Denton Clarke and Justin Mackey

3rd - Ben Clark and John Clark

Jack and Jill

1st - Mike and Marth Nicholas

2nd - Jeff and Kenna Fetter

3rd - Dan Huizenga and Becca Burbank

Jill and Jill

1st - Martha Nicholas and

 Melani Keel

2nd - Kenna Fetter and Becca Burbank

3rd - Beverly Frick and

Alyson Pedersen

Chain Race

1st - Greg Brown

2nd - Rory Frazier

3rd - Aaron Brown

Log Roll

1st - Ben Clark

2nd - Kyle Beasley

3rd - Aaron Brown

Men’s Choker Set

1st - Zach Brown

2nd - Arthur Fetter

3rd - Justin Mackey

Women’s Choker Set

1st - Beverly Frick

2nd - Martha Nicholas

Modified Saw

1st - Aaron Brown

2nd - Travis Hafner

3rd - Kyle McKee

Obstacle Choker Set Over Water

1st - Ben Clark

2nd - Ryland Popke

3rd - Kyle Beasley

Obstacle Pole Over Water

1st - Ben Clark

2nd - Aaron Brown

3rd - Ryland Popke

High Climb

1st - Ben Clark

2nd - Ryland Popke

3rd - Aaron Brown

Youth Results

Ax Throw - Ages 6 – 9

1st - Travin Harris

2nd - Jaelyn Anderson

Ax Throw - Ages 10 – 13

1st - Russell Brown

2nd - Audrey Joner

3rd - Ethan Joner

Ax Throw - Ages 14 – 17

1st - Brett Joner

2nd - Tori Passagila

3rd - Prairie Brown

Choker Set - Ages 6– 9

1st - Jaelyn Anderson

2nd - Wyatt Richards

3rd - Travin Harris

Choker Set - Ages 10 – 13

1st - Russell Brown

2nd - Ethan Joner

3rd - Audrey Joner

Choker Set - Ages 14 – 17

1st - Cassandra Goble

High Climb - Age Group 10 – 13

1st - Ethan Joner

2nd - Audrey Joner

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