Prairie High School Senior Macy Hall (11) gets in front of Battle Ground Senior Mikayla McDougall (34) during a close match at Battle Ground High School on Sept. 19. Battle Ground Senior Sidnie Boadwine (56) stands close with “united,” the motto for the Tigers this year, written on the back of her knee. Boadwine scored the sole goal of the 1-0 match during the second half.

Battle Ground girls soccer logged their third win of the season after a 1-0 victory over Prairie on Thursday, Sept. 19.

The game, played at Battle Ground High School, had a scoreless first half with both teams holding steady and goalkeepers Madison Kellogg and Allison Corral keeping the ball out of the back of the net. 


Haley Reed, a senior defender for Prairie High School, looks downfield for a pass to a teammate during Thursday's game at Battle Ground High School.

Battle Ground Senior Sidnie Boadwine scored the sole goal of the match about five minutes into the second half. 

"I wasn’t playing with enough confidence and if I don’t play with confidence the team doesn’t play with confidence,” Boadwine said of the first half. “I came out and played with confidence and got that early goal.”

Head Coach Jason Beachell said the key part to getting ahead in the second half was “sticking to the game plan.” 

“We have a plan, everyone knows it, and they came on and kept the pressure on and executed,” Beachell said, mentioning how the plan involves maintaining shape and form, quick passes and attacking behind the defense. 


Falcon freshman Joely Renk attempts to score a goal while Battle Ground senior Amanda Smalley keeps guard.

Beachell also said the team motto for the year played a big part in the win. 

“On the back of their legs they all have united, that’s the common theme this year,” he said while mentioning that knowing where everyone is on the field and supporting them is part of the “united” theme. 

The Falcons came out of the game with a record of 1-3-1 after a long week on the field.

“This was our fourth game in six days,” Head Coach of the Prairie Falcons Michael Thyron said. “I think we’re just tired.”


Falcon senior Paige Darley fights for possession of the ball with Tiger senior Amanda Smalley during a game at Battle Ground High School on Thursday.

Thyron said he felt Battle Ground had more sharpness and were able to get to the ball quicker. “I think they wanted to beat us more than we wanted to win,” he said. 

As for things to work on, Thyron has a simple objective: “scoring goals.” To do this, Thyron said the team's needs to work on “making the first touch count and decision making when you have the ball.”

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