The Yacolt Town Council passed a resolution last week making Yacolt a sanctuary for gun owners, defying Initiative 1639. Do you support the council’s decision to defy Washington’s newest gun law or should they comply since it was approved by a state-wide vote?

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I live in Yacolt of course we support this! I commend out town council for their bravery and I imagine the Sheriff officers are in agreement. It is after-all Constitutional. It may not be right for Vancouver or for Portland OR but it IS right for us. We live rural, VERY rural and while I respect out LEO's we would likely have to defend out own lives & property, long before law enforcement could arrive. We The People have God Given Rights, protected by the Constitution! They are NOT granted to us by the government. Thank you Yacolt Town Council for doing the right thing!


I 100% support our town's resolution!!! So tired of these big liberal cities deciding what is best for the rest of us!

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