Gun rights activists continue to pressure the Battle Ground City Council to take a stand against Washington’s latest gun-control law by passing a resolution to make the city a Second Amendment sanctuary. Among a list of other things, the new gun-control law, I-1639, raises the minimum age for buying a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21 and mandates safety classes for purchases. Do you want to see Battle Ground become a Second Amendment sanctuary?

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Yes, Battle Ground City Council needs to listen to the people who unanimously voted against this law.
On July 1, 2019 gun owners will be affected by the consequences of this law:
-A federal HIPPA violation to our right to privacy of our Health Record.
-Become a criminal if we defend ourselves.
-Under 21 cannot hunt or compete with a semi-automatic rifle.
-Any semi-automatic rifle is defined as an "Assault Weapon," even a 100 year old .22 caliber rifle.
-Requires a annual background check of everyone who has ever purchased a firearm in Washington, forever.
-A $25 dollar tax per new gun purchase, no limit set on the tax. This makes firearm ownership an expensive privilege and no longer a civil right and punishes lower income citizens.
-Establishes a waiting period for one class of firearm.
-If your firearm in stolen, it makes you a criminal.

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