Letter to the Editor

I am writing in response to Liz Pike’s article published Sept. 23 wherein she supports industrial development along the Chelatchie Prairie rail line. 

Pike’s argument fails to recognize one critical point — the residents most directly affected by the plan as outlined vehemently oppose it! On two separate occasions, strong opposition to the plan has been clearly demonstrated. First, a petition signed by 80 percent of the residents who reside in the proposed FRDU overlay between 119th Street and 149th Street (submitted to Clark County Council in January 2018) declared strong opposition to their neighborhood being turned into an industrial park. 

Second, in a survey conducted by the county to get feedback from residents who live within the proposed expanded half-mile corridor on either side of the tracks, there was, again, an uproar of anger over the plan by the vast majority of those responding to the survey. 

As an elected representative, one might expect her to respect the will of the people. 

Pike makes the argument that our taxes are too high and would be lowered by bringing in more industry along the rail line. In a state where we enjoy paying no income tax, I would expect to pay my fair share of property taxes to support local services. While I don’t agree the taxes are out of bounds, I am happy to pay a little more to protect our semi-rural lifestyle.

I suspect Pike enjoys living on her little slice of heaven at the Shangri-La Farm in Fern Prairie. We love our small farm within the FRDU proposed zone as well. 

I suggest she consider how she would feel being surrounded by industrial development before attempting to impose the same fate on others.

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Bob Larimer

Industrial development along the Chelatchie Prairie railroad line would have minimal impact on families and residents, but would improve economic conditions in the area.

Liz Pike is not trying to fool anyone, and 'surveys' of select groups, pushing a certain narrative, are easy to produce but not necessarily accurate.

The railroad and development are assets to the community and would generate more benefits to the area.

Some changes are for the best, and this is one of them.

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