Letter to the Editor

Although we are on the verge of civil war, the country is deeply in debt, North Korea has threatened nuclear war on us, the Chinese sent the virus our way and the Muslim countries all hate our guts, there is one thing I am eternally grateful and owe a debt of gratitude to Donald J. Trump for.  

Every morning I wake with a big smile on my face and realize that Hilary Rodham Clinton will never be President. For that, Lord, we give you thanks. 


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Hilary Clinton? That is so long ago! We are living in a new era now. Trump is gone (thank goodness) and we have an honest, smart man for our President who does not lie or make fun of people. Plus, he's nice. Bonus! God Bless America!


Come on man! Joe Biden is an angry, corrupt, life long politician who is merely a faint shadow of his former self. He will be controlled by far-left zealots and will cozy up to China at our peril and reverse all that Trump has done to make this country great again! Many of us are indeed looking forward to Conservatives taking back the House, and just maybe the Senate in 2022! Meanwhile, the Country can sustain a lot of damage from the Dumacrats over the course of two years!

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