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What is this comprehensive sex-ed but a totalitarian, tyrannical effort to remove from the next generation any thought of right or wrong — denying parents the right to decide what is good and right for their own children.

This is a state-sponsored effort to demean traditional values of most families and to replace those with a worldview that is diametrically opposed to the major values of most parents. Therefore, it will take away the right of parents to raise and train their children in the way that they should go, a usurpation of parental rights.

This dogmatic effort of authorities to change the values of the next generation and to introduce to these highly influenced children ideas and behaviors thoroughly antagonistic to their own is usurping our rights to practice our religious freedom. This legislation is an imposition of bureaucratic socialism, not Republican constitutional government with respect for the choices and rights of all people.

This effort by the Democrat Party must be resisted. All lovers of liberty must stand up and speak up today and call their representatives in Olympia. The hotline number is 1-800-562-6000. This is an urgent matter and must be acted upon immediately.

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Polly Baker

“Traditional”—for nearly a decade in the 1700s it was tradition to use a tobacco smoke enema to aid in numerous ailments. This involved exactly as stated-blowing tobacco smoke up ones rear. Fortunately, through further research and knowledge we made progress to find better alternatives as well as learning of the dangers of smoking tobacco. Just because something is “traditional” by no means makes it the best option. As we learn more it is imperative we change our ways...even if we may not like it...unless you are someone who would still prefer we provide tobacco smoke enemas?

Bob Larimer

Ms. Baker, if you are convinced that teaching K-12 children all about self-stimulation, gender identity and LGBTQ affirmation and advocacy are 'advances' in our society, I can't help you.

The fact that something is 'new' (Bizarre sex activities are thousands of years old, but now they're dressed up as 'education' and presented to vulnerable children), does not equate to something that is needed in the state's public schools, where children are not meeting standards in real academic subjects like math, reading, history.

How does this strange effort to influence children to focus on sexuality help them?


Sorry, it's Matthew 25:40.


Mr. Larimer, would your rather return to the 1950s, with gay bashing, STDs flourishing, and half of all pregnancies unplanned?

About 10% of the populace is gay. The sooner we all face that fact, and learn to live and let live, the better for all. Matthew 25:50: "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me."

We owe it to the next generation, to educate them, so that they will not suffer the same fates as our fellow boomers.

Bob Larimer

'ILovetheConstitution', most people are honest enough to use their real names but be that as it may, I can not think of a place in the gospels where Jesus would insert teaching children about bizarre sex behaviors and urge people to focus on their 'gender identity.'

There is nothing holy about Planned Parenthood and teachers unions trying to influence vulnerable children.

There is nothing Constitutional about the state's push for officially sanctioned grooming and child sex abuse in public school classrooms.

This strange focus on children's sexuality is unhealthy and just plain exploitative.

There is no excuse, and schools will be held to legal account when children are harmed.


Ms. Warren, welcome to the 21st century.

Bob Larimer

Pauline Warren's warning should be taken seriously.

Which epidemic is more likely to harm our state's children for life?

Coronavirus, or exploitation by axe-grinding 'sex education' activists?

Washington State Representative Vicki Kraft is being hammered by Planned Parenthood for exposing their 'comprehensive sex education' legislation that will increase their customer base, teach K-12 children 'self-stimulation,' LGBTQPedo affirmation and advocacy, 'gender identity' statewide, all while academic mastery in reading, math, history are dismal.

The real epidemic is bizarre sex obsessing activists exploiting captive audiences of other people's children in public school classrooms.


OK Boomer.

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