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As the cases of COVID-19 continue to grow throughout our country and in Clark County, it is imperative we listen to the health experts — the scientists and doctors. 

The coronavirus is testing our morality as Americans. What do we value more — human lives or our economy? This is a challenge for every citizen. 

It is here where it becomes imperative that we, as a country, have strong leadership and a clear message of what is right, what we value, and why we must make the sacrifice as a country. 

Unfortunately, we lack that voice. 

Our president has failed every American, be it his mixed messages and misinformation regarding the virus: “We have it totally under control (Jan. 22).” “We have it very well under control (Jan 30).” “Looks like by April … it miraculously goes away (Feb 10)”. “We’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially down, not up (Feb 26).” Claims a vaccine will be available, “very quickly” (Feb. 29). “It’s very mild” (March 4).” “Anyone that wants a test can get a test (March 6).” “I’m not concerned at all (March 7).” Those statements from the president, as well as his reported elimination of the Global Health Security unit and demotion of its pandemic experts, his delayed response in having enough medical equipment available (masks, etc.), his failure in getting tests available to hospitals in a responsive time, and his inability to follow the NSC’s pandemic plan are beyond concerning. 

COVID19 is not a partisan issue — this is an incompetent leader issue. We must face the reality that our president has dishonored America and all of her citizens with his continued lack of leadership, lies, misinformation and mishandling during this time of crisis. 

It is a sad disgrace that Americans must now suffer because of his ineptitude.

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[N]otbuyingit, what I have listed here are documented facts, not speculation.

It's time for a change.


Because it all looks sssooooooo easy in hindsight's 20/20 vision... Claims that anyone else coulda, shoulda, woulda done a better job are nothing - nothing - more than pure speculation and conjecture.


"In 2018, the [President] fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure." (source: Laurie Garret, writing in the journal, Foreign Policy)

In 2018, the President disbanded the National Security Council unit, that focused on preparedness for pandemics. (source: Foreign Policy)

On February 24th the President tweeted: "The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA." Misstatement. (source: Politifact)

On March 4th, he said the Obama administration (including the vice president, Joe Biden) "didn't do anything about" swine flu. Misstatement. (source: Politifact)

When asked about the NSC pandemic unit in a press conference on March 13th, the President lashed out, saying the reporter had asked a "nasty question." (source: Huffington Post)

When asked about the NSC pandemic unit on March 13th, the President stated "I just think it's a nasty question...When you say me, I didn't do it....I don't know anything about it." (source: Huffington Post)

On March 17th, he said "I've always known this is a real, this is a pandemic. I've felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic." Misstatement. (source: Politifact)

On March 19th the President announced that a drug named Chloroquine had been approved for treatment of coronavirus. Misstatement. (source: Politifact)

I could go on. I'm being polite by calling these "misstatements," or errors in judgment.

It's time for a change.

Bob Larimer

The President stopped travel from China in January.

He's been actively invloved with health experts and business leaders converting facilities to manufacture medical supplies.

His press briefings supply meaningful data, daily.

Media and naysayers irresponsibly attack him, in the middle of a crisis.

Highly irresponsible.

30 days hath April, the month health experts are predicting to be our worst for death tolls.

As of this morning, April 1st, 2020, there are now 4081 covid deaths in the U.S..

I'm Rounding it up to a possible 5000 deaths by end of day.

I then calculated a future 1500 deaths per day, then multiplied by the coming 30 days.

Not factoring in a possible peak and/or declines which cannot be accurately quantified right now for the next 30 days, this adds up to 45,000 deaths for April.

Adding 5000 total deaths as of today, the projected total for the end of this month would be 50,000 total deaths in America due to covid.

The Coronavirus Task Force is projecting a worst case scenario of possibly 100,000 to 200,000 deaths total by the end of our struggle with the virus.

I understand why they feel compelled to issue these numbers as a warning to the public, but I believe they are purposely inflated in order to anticipate a worst case.

I believe my 50,000 projection will prove to be accurate, but it is possible that a steady death rate in April, with no peaks or valleys, could potentially be 2000 deaths per day.

This would result in a total of 60,000 deaths in April.

Adding today's current total of 5000 deaths would bring us to a grand total of 65,000 U.S.citizens lost to covid, well below official projections.

I am not being dismissive of the terrible impact of the virus on loved ones and families, or the pain and suffering of all the victims.

The souls lost due to the virus amount to a terrible tragedy.

I do urge everyone to try to keep the whole situation in perspective.

Even if the virus claims 100,000 or more victims, this would be less than:

0.0305810398% of our U.S. population of 327.2 million people.

Please bear this fact in mind as you hear inflated covid numbers - usually based on cases, not deaths - from the dominant media echo chamber.

Polly Baker

While I appreciate your mathematical skills at doing “Bob math”-using your own numbers to come to your own conclusions, I am amazed at how you can so easily dismiss all those American’s lives lost. I hope your projections are accurate but I must admit I put little validation in your expertise. As the article states-we need to listen to the scientists and doctors which I suspect you are neither. You say you are not being dismissive yet in the next paragraph you do exactly that by saying it is only .03% of the population. You claim it is “highly irresponsible” to attack the president, and I would absolutely disagree and demand that every American has a responsibility to each other and to their country to try to make it better-which requires that we reflect on what went wrong so as not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Fix the problem...don’t praise it/him.


Talk about a person full of hate. Maybe she should look at the facts. Liberals are a bigger threat to this country than any foreign power. They should be tried as traitors and if found guilty, be punished accordingly. As far as the virus goes, if there was a real god as some believe, the only people getting the virus would be liberals.

Polly Baker

Not hate, but anger. If you know tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people will die because of one person’s ego (The president of the United States of America), wouldn’t that make you upset? It should. Americans should be furious that their leader failed them by calling the virus a hoax and not doing what was necessary WHEN it was necessary. I get that he wanted to “be positive”, but there’s a difference between being positive and being ignorant, especially when American lives are at stake. America should feel angry because their leader failed them horribly.

Polly Baker

"Talk about a person full of hate."...says the man who claims liberals should be tried as traitors and punished...and wishes god would punish liberals by giving them the coronavirus. Feelin' the love. /s.

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