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Published in the Feb. 6 issue of The Reflector was an editorial cartoon, which I have to assume was meant to slam the no wall proponents, including the Democrats. Of course, this is a much bigger position that includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and others. The cartoon shows a family with a roof, but no walls and shows Pelosi and Schumer as the instigators. However, this cartoon has a totally different side. Here is a family with obviously no way to keep the elements out including the cold. 

If you ever did any work for the poor, like manning a food bank, or working for an agency like Share House, which provides housing and services to homeless, you would understand what no walls means for many in the U.S. There is no security living in a tent or under a tarp along the road. There is no security living in a car or broken down trailer. There is no protection from the elements being homeless.

A good question could be how many shelter days could 5.5 billion dollars provide? At less than $50 per day (this is just a guess as I assume Share can do this cheaper), this could provide at a minimum (if I did the math right) over 300,000 shelter days.

But let us get back to that wall. History shows without a doubt that border walls provide little or no real protection. History shows that walls never worked as intended for protection. During the 21st century B.C., the Sumerians built the Amorite Wall to keep those pesky Amorites out. It did not work. Later, the Long Walls of Athens were built to keep the Spartans out. About the same time, the Walls of Constantinople, The Great Wall Of Gorgan and The Great Wall of China were built to keep the invaders out. We all know how that turned out. Jerusalem built more than three walls to keep invaders out and were consequently sacked many times, at least once by King David himself. Then there was Joshua, breaching the Walls of Jerico (Biblical, but not necessarily historical). More recently, there was Hadrian’s Wall to keep the Picts from invading Roman-held England in about 122 AD. History shows this is really a series of walls, as one by one they failed in their intended design. And, of course, there was the Maginot Line, a wall that the French built to keep the Germans out during WWll. And most recently the Berlin Wall. The common thread here is they all failed to meet their intended purpose to keep people out. These are merely a few examples where walls did not work.

Let’s not waste more money building the Great Wall of Tijuana. 

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Polly Baker

Excellent LTTE. Many security analysts have come out opposed to a border wall saying it will do little, if anything, to restrict border crossings. Instead, they suggest use of drone, infrared technology, as well as other forms of border deterrents. But it is a lot easier to repeatedly shout, "BUILD THE WALL!" than it is to say, "PROVIDE MULTIPLE FORMS OF BORDER SECURITY THAT BEST SUIT THE LANDSCAPE WHILE OFFERING OPTIMAL BORDER DETERRENTS AND WILL COST ABOUT HALF OF AN INEFFECTIVE WALL!"


I am open to no wall, but what then is your solution. IF you stand against securing our border in a realistic way, then does that mean that you stand on the side of the "undocumented" immigrant that killed a police officer here in WA state? Unfortunately, neither side wants to work together to find a solution that can and will work.

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