Letter to the Editor

Donald Trump, a free man, began his presidency amid dark politics. 

Power hungry radicals called him a Russian agent while the liberal-owned media aired the falsehoods and suppressed truth. An investigation revealed mostly leftist lies. Every House Democrat wanted to impeach him anyway. They did so with their favorite evidence — opinions. 

Was it accidental that a killer virus was then released in a hectic world?

With an ensuing pandemic, governors and mayors honed progressive skills. They did nothing when anarchists burned businesses last spring. Riots were allowed to persist for months. Profanity laced harassment still continues today. 

Liberals shut down small businesses, many of which have gone bankrupt. They interfered with our first amendment at a time when people need God most. This virus has worked well, politically speaking, for "basement" Joe Biden and the cancel culture. Their arrogance promotes a "woke" society that cancels everything they hate. 

Big tech, social and mainstream media gleefully censor conservative opinions and our civil rights. Weary Joe is correct about one thing. This fight is for our nation's soul. Politicians and journalists have lied for four years to steal an election. 

I believe they finally have. 

While Joe Biden feebly calls for a nation's healing, his radical activists call for lists of Trump supporters to take revenge on. These people divided the greatest nation on earth, purposely. There is no way 80 million people voted to suppress themselves. Praying to our Father, God, may be our last recourse. His strength, wisdom, fair play and love cannot progress a socialist or communist ideal. 

They deny our Lord so their worldly lives become easier and the party more powerful. Without a higher standard of morality than themselves, they are free to do as their egos please. 

America was an awesome creation. Can we remain so? 

Global Marxism has no idea what God, family and country mean to an American conservative. Freedom is a way of life that must be nurtured and fought for daily. 

We may never get back to "normal" but with socialism in control our new normal, apparently, includes anger, envy, greed, or, in a word, hatred. 

Only love, which is the key that opens an eternal door, conquers hate. It's all up to a Georgia state election now. Will this nation live free or be destroyed by the same radicals that killed the Democrat party and a presidency? 

If all is lost we still have ourselves and God to navigate these dark times. May we all give thanks for the freedom we have and God's gift of Jesus Christ, our savior, whose truth is eternal. 

After all, this life we live is all about our placement in eternity, isn't it?


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Mr. Schimelpfenig, it wasn't "liberals" who called immigrants "rapists." I took great offense to this comment, as my ancestors came to this country from Germany, to escape tyranny. Also, my business employs LEGAL immigrants from Latin America. He attacked my best workers.

It wasn't "liberals" who tore screaming babies from the arms of their mothers, at the border, while pretending to be "pro life."

It wasn't "liberals" who increased the difference between the rich and everyone else, by creating tax cuts, where 80% of the benefits go to the top 1%.

It anybody is a "socialist," it's our current (thankfully not for long) President. He believes in socialism for the wealthy, and for large corporations.

His gigantic tax cuts are blowing a hole in the budget. They throw crumbs to working families, and small, "pop and pop" businesses, like those my husband and I have worked to build.

January 20th can't come soon enough, despite the President-elect's admitted flaws.


Completely agree.

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