Letter to the Editor

Imagine the gut-wrenching feeling you’d have if someone in a position of power uses that power over you. That’s happened to me recently in Clark County by not one, but two public officials. Their names are Clark County Councilmember John Blom and Sen. Ann Rivers.

While both Rivers and Blom have denied allegations of extortion and soliciting a bribe, there’s no other way to interpret their actions in my opinion.

Blom had his campaign contact an associate of mine to warn me if any contributions aided Bloom’s primary opponent he’d use his office to retaliate.

Within days, Rivers, who endorses Blom, sent a text message asking for $5,000 to solve some problems I might have and then warned me she’d be watching me.

No one else should have to face this in the future. I came to Clark County, when nobody else would, to save your railroad and create jobs. I hope the citizens vote to clean up this mess by supporting candidates with integrity and voting out unethical incumbents.

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Mark Engleman

Tens of thousand of Clark County citizens are waking up the corruption and arrogance of the Clark County liberal establishment. Thank you Eric Temple for having the guts to stand up to this cabal and being an catalyst for more citizens becoming aware.

Lew Waters

Sure didn't take long for the PDC to outright dismiss all of your allegations against Rivers and Blom. Sad to see the CCGOP so swiftly resorts to all negativity and smears. Will you issue an apology now that the PDC dismissed your allegations?

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